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This product came into fruition through a study of how materials function in furniture and what affect they have on form. We were combining various materials and exploring how they interacted with both each other and the user through the creation of a chair. The shape of the chair came about after extensive research and sketching sessions, in addition to study models ranging from miniature material models to full scale mock-ups. What developed was an understanding of the properties of certain materials including their ability to take certain shapes and their efficiency as a building material.

Based on the exploratory research done, the materials selected for production were foam, fiberglass, and cork. Our task was to create full-scale, working chairs that would not only look appealing, but would feel comfortable to sit in. This project took chair design to an entirely new level.

The foam was cut from rigid insulation boards and glued in layers in the basic form of the chair. The foam was then sculpted and sanded by hand into an exact frame that the fiberglass was then wrapped around to harden into a stiff shell. After the fiberglass hardened, it was sanded to create a smooth finish for the cork to be applied to. The cork covered the chair completely providing a natural look, while also creating a springy finish to lend comfort to the final product.

- Won Most Creative Design Award at the 2011 IDFF

- Hand selected for the NJIT exhibit at the 2011 ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair)

"A difficult form to pull off. Respect that he just went for it."
- Frederick McSwain, manager of the Cappellini Showroom in Soho

- Featured on Rhino 3D's Blog

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At the ICFF

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